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Automate Customer Support

Anfactor is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled automated customer support system that can resolve the queries of your customers 24/7 without any human interaction. It proactively initiates a chat for your visitors.


Realtime Insight Analysis

Monitor User's Sentiment, Number of queries, Geographical information, Response time, Unique visitors count in realtime from our website and be there when visitors need you the most.

Reduce Business Cost up to 90%

It reduces you business cost 90% as it's an automated customer support system, you do not need to hire anyone to be there always.



$24.99 /month
Basic plan includes
  • Unlimited conversations
  • 7 days of analytics
  • First 50 Leads' Information
  • Single Domain Integration
  • Priority email support
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime
$74.99 /month
Professional plan includes
  • Unlimited conversations
  • 15 days of analytics
  • Multiple Domains Integration
  • First 200 Leads' Information (each domain)
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Priority email/phone support
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime


Enterprise plan includes
  • Custom chatbot development
  • Unlimited conversations
  • 180 days of analytics
  • All Leads' Information
  • Multiple Domains Integration
  • Multiple Social Media Integration
  • Priority email/phone support/exclusive resource provisioning
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime