Welcome and thank you for choosing Anfactor. Anfactor is currently one of the industry leaders when it comes to online chat bots and we wish you a satisfied journey here at Anfactor.

To get Started First head to the Registration page. After the Registration you would get a confirmation Email asking you to confirm your email account. This is crucial to varify the ownership of the email account.

Once you confirm the email account, you would be redirected to the login page. User your credentials that you have just used to register yourself to Anfactor.

To get started with building you chatbot, head to the home page while logged in. Look for your username on the top-right corner of your screen, click on it and a drop-down menu would appear. click on profile and you are there.

This segment is called the Business Information segment.It is dedicated to collecting the required important information regarding your business.

In this segment you would find out multiple input fields to collect the data that is required for us to be able to create a personalized chatbot for the sole purpose of serving your business.

Please enter the business name, Contact number, billing address and website name if possible. Remember this does not have to be the exact information for your chatbot to work but we insist you to provied these information for chatbot personalization.

In the domain part you need to put at least one or more domains depending on your payment plan. If you have basic just select one domain and more of you have a professional or Enterprise plan.

To add a domain first type the domain in the input panel. You do not have to include subdomains. E.g. the links may look like the following in case of a facebook page: "https://facebook.com/anfactor01" or in case of your webpage of site you can put https://[YOUR_SITE].com. Notice there are no subdomains which means you can just put your Script code on the base page of your website and all the pages would receive it. Do not worry about website if you do not own one. However, for personalization purposes we recommend that you provide one.

We do offer Organizational benifits to Non-profit Organizations. If you think your business falls under this category please put yes on the last input of the page that says "Apply for non-profit Organizational Benifits". Once you submit the form, we would review it and get back to you shortly.

This profile section is dedicated towards collecting a few very important information regarding the business operator which are critical for the chatbot to perform.

Please put your name and email address in the designated input fields and you are good to go. The Password and confirm password is there in case you want to change your password, just put the new password on both the input fields and hit the ok button to change your password.

This segment is where the magic happens. Here you can train your bot according to your needs so that it can communicate with your customers the way you want it to.

To proceed first select the domain you want your chatbot to implement into. Then insert the question and your bots answer in the question and answer box respectively. The questions does not have to be exactly as the user might ask them as the bot can detecy somewhat skewed questions and would be able to answer correctly.

You can also have alternative questions or answers for the same question. Just type on the respective input bars and once you are done click on the blue highlighting that pops up beneath the search bar or just click enter and you are done.

Alternatively if you are intending to train your bot with a lot of information it is better that you use or other feature the excel file input. There is a template and an example file available for you on the bottom-right side of the page. See the example first if you are not sure, then download the template , put your information inside and Submit. The excel file basically takes the same inputs as you would enter otherwise on this segment. Once you submit the excel file, if the file goes through without any errors, you would get a confirmation message and that's it.

Anfactor is currently one of the best bergains available on the chatbot market. Our product plans are designed with out customer's different needs in mind. Currently Anfactor offers 4 exciting monthly plans.

For hobbyists out there or if you are not sure if you need a chatbot for yourself or for your small business, the FREE plan is here. With absolutely no hidden cost or credit card information required. You can build and intrigate your chatbot into your website.

If you own a small business and have a limited number of customers that you want your chatbot to interract to, the Basic plan is for you. This plan gives you priority email support from out dedicated support team with no commitment offer that you can cancel anytime you want.

If you consider a fair amount of people to interract with your chatbot and keep track of your conversations with data analysis of your leads, the Professional plan is for you. This plan sets you at control over everything with all the data you need to handle your customer interractions in a far efficient way that ever before. This exciting plan also enables you to cancel anytime with no commitment.

In case you are part of a large organization that deals with a large quaantity of customers, then the Enterprise plan is for you. With all the required tools at max capability at your disposal you truely would be in control of your customer interractions. This plan gives you multiple domains ommitting the need to rebuild another bot for different websites of your organizations. 180 days of analytical data, exclusive priority email/phone/support with the possibility of BYO plan with no commitment enabling you to cancel anytime.

After the knowledge base is built the next step is to click on the submit button. By submitting the knowledgebase you let us know that you have made some updates on your knowledge base and would like to implement the new changes on your personalized chat bot.

Once you click the submit button and confirmation message is popped up on top of your screen, you have submitted your knowledge base and it would be implemented to your chatbot very soon.

To get this feature you must be subscribed to either professional or enterprise plan to anfactor as this feature is not available to the basic plan. So if you are in either of those plans you would be able to click the facebook Integration button otherwise it would be greyed out.

To integrate your chatbot in your facebook page just click on the integrate button and it would take you through the portal.

Best of Luck.

If you Still think you are not sure how to get yourself Started with Anfactor, Please send us a message by clicking on the Submit a ticket button below and we would get back to you as soon as possible.