Teleaus Covid Hero Award
Nov. 18, 2020, 2:30 p.m.

The "Covid Hero Award" was presented by the Government of New South Wales in a ceremony at the Himalayan Emporium and Function Center in Banks Town today, Sunday 15 November (Sunday) at 12 noon local time, title sponsored by

The valued patrons of the event were, Magnus Recruitment Solutions, Provat Feri, TM Alliance Motor Group, Bingo Finance, A&O Homes, Nargis Kebab & Chicken Restaurant, Chocolate De Mondo, Amici, Bombay Grill.


The Social organizations of the event were Branding Bangladesh Inc., Charity for Live Australia, Silent Hand Support for Mankind, Appeal for Humanity, Grocery and Food Door to Door, War Against Covid, Man for Mankind-Live for Lives, Multicultural Society of Cambelte , Share with Profit, Xubian Australia.


The New South Wales Government gave the award in recognition of the active support of Bangladeshi organizations in providing emergency assistance to Bangladeshi refugees and economically disadvantaged foreign students, especially those who have lost their jobs in Australia due to the global pandemic coronavirus. The award was presented by Mark Kaur, Government Party MP and Assistant Speaker in the New South Wales Parliament of Australia, and Wendy Lindsay, Government Party MP from the East Hills area.


A total of 12 expatriate Bangladeshi organizations and 8 business organizations, including the Sydney Press and Media Council, an organization of expatriate Bangladeshi writers and journalists from Australia, were awarded the Covid-19 Award for their active role in humanitarian assistance.


Mohammad Shah Zaman Titu, former councilor of Canterbury-Banks Town City Council and president of the Lacamba branch of the Australian Liberal Party, was the co-ordinator of the event.


The ceremony had started with the national anthem of Australia. Annie Sabrin was the host for the event. CEO of Zahangir Alam, Mark Kaur MP, Wendy Lindsay MP, Consul General Khandaker Masudul Alam, Dr. Ayaz Chowdhury, Councilor George Zakhia expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the expatriate Bangladeshi organizations for providing emergency assistance to the economically disadvantaged during the Covid period as well as for standing by them. Zahangir Alam, CEO of said, " TELEAUS, is mindful of how COVID-19 is causing much concern for many people, businesses, and establishments worldwide. During this time, Teleaus has ensured its customer's continuity to have access to its services and the products they need to carry on with their work, study, or keep in touch with their loved ones. Business continuity and the health of Teleaus’s customers, employees, and partners are its primary concerns. Teleaus along with the community and all the kind-hearted people kept their morale high by assisting them financially, providing them food and generosity during these difficult times."


About 150 guests participated in the event keeping in mind the social distance. The end of the ceremony was announced after lunch.


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